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april / abril 2017

· Mercado San Juan De Dios: pictorial
        by Douglas Cullen, Andrés Carnalla, Mexican Food Journal
Every market has food stalls which are worth a visit for great homestyle meals at very reasonable prices.
· Living History on the Road, El Camino Real
        by Joseph Toone
With the arrival of the railroad, El Camino Real receded back into the earth through disuse and erosion.
· Absence of Family While Residing in a Foreign Land
        by Lou Christine
...when we see our Mexican hosts involve themselves in family life a tinge of jealousy might rise...
· San Miguel in the Fabulous Fifties: a Sentimental Business Journey
        by Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
In 1950 the Hotel Posada San Francisco... won the prize in the National Hotel Contest for its ambiance, architecture and good service.
· The Last Trio: Holy Week San Miguel
        by Joseph Toone
Then church members, friends and family of the prisoners would bring the image of Jesus behind bars and the food to the prison.
· Letter to Aunt Evie (and to you dear reader)
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
...after tinkering in the hangar for years, we are rolling down the runway and I can feel the air under my wings.
· Infamous, Unhappy Man, You are the Cause of my Anguish
        by Duke Miller
"Life is a wonderful thing, the man thought, as long as the pain is not too great."
· Stirling Dickinson's San Miguel?
        by Joseph Toone
Frankly, aside from the street that bears his name, I didn’t see Stirling’s legacy in today’s San Miguel.
· Viaje Nostálgico a San Miguel: Los Establecimientos Comerciales de los Años Cincuenta
        por Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
En 1950 el Hotel Posada de San Francisco... ganó el premio del Concurso Nacional de Hoteles
· From Dance to Dance Therapy: Embodying the Healing Power of Art
        by Txell Prat
...if I danced nicely or not... was simply not relevant. Most important for me was the inner landscapes I could access.
· The Evolution of Laura Honse: Textiles, Painting, Jewelry
        by Laura Honse
I had hardly drawn or painted since being thrown out of the painting department in my art school...
· Now That the Holidays are Gone: Recapping Semana Santa
        by Joseph Toone
All this storytelling was an attempt to make the characters more relatable to the indigenous.
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march / marzo 2017

· The Music That Enchanted America: Why Bossa Nova Still Matters
        by Fredric Dannen
Bossa nova was created in Brazil... just as the country was emerging from a protracted history of civil wars and bloody dictatorships...
· Women and Architectural Objects
        Artist statement/video by Linda Soberman
...women had been hidden or edited from history and not acknowledged for their significant contributions.
· Is There History Without Faith?
        by Joseph Toone
...understanding history and culture removes fear and anger, replacing them with compassion and joy.
· Homage to San Miguel's Deborah Turbeville: pictorial
        by BC May
"They move forward clutching their past about them, as if the ground of the present may fall away."
· La Mujer y los Objetos Arquitectónicos
        Declaración de un artista, Linda Soberman
...las mujeres han estado apartadas y editadas de la historia y poco reconocidas por sus significantes contribuciones.
· San Miguel's Southern Sister City
        by Joseph Toone
Both cities were left devastated by the war and fell into decades of decay brought on by abject poverty.
· Queretaro's Gran Charreada: "living history"
        by Kathleen Bennet
"If one steps into the forest and knows where the path leads....there is no adventure!"
· CHARABATIBIZZARRI - Ceramics Evoking Textiles
        by Barbara Erickson take the gift of clay – the mud of the earth, and mix it with life-giving water and then add the spirits of the four elements...
· San Miguel's Weddings: Imported or Domestic?
        by Joseph Toone
I often have seen wedding party members stocking up on tacos in the Jardin... it may be a bit until the wedding reception meal.
february / febrero 2017

· The Dream Project, NY Theatre Director Working in SMA
        by Katie McHugh
"The dream we live in Mexico is also a nightmare..."
· Indigenous Mexican, Jazz, World Music, Mixing It Up in SMA (listen)
        by Daina Jasmine
We all have access to music and musical ideas from throughout the world and throughout history
· Of Crosses and Witches in San Miguel
        by Joseph Toone
...find yet another cross used for the dark arts. The area around hosts evening fires to cast spells.
· Susan Page
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher Lokkal
audio interview
· William Spratling, Father of Mexico’s Silver Jewelry Industry
        by Lou Christine
He became a vivacious and virtual front man with almost empty pockets.
· Advice for Visitors (And We Are All Visitors)
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher Lokkal
getting upset because a dog barks in the middle of the night does not help you fall back asleep...
· The Establishment of the Artistic Colony of Expats in SMA
        by Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
Many brilliant minds had wandered through our cobblestoned streets and they have impregnated our walls with their creative energy.
· El Establecimiento de la Colonia Artística de Expatriados en SMA
        por Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
Muchas mentes brillantes han pasado por estas calles empedradas y han impregnado los muros de la ciudad con su energía creativa.
· Life and Death of a Newspaper and SMA 1970
        by Arnie Reisman
I met many folks who were blacklisted back in the US, victims of the Red Scare, exiled from academia, arts and entertainment circles.
· Artist and Art Instructor Carmen Jimenez
        by Nancy Mazur
...clay is a living material; the water in it can absorb emotions from me through my hands.
· "The Book of Love"
        Urban Sketchers SMA
It was quite a challenge to sketch such a non-stop production, the storyline moved quickly and the cues were brief...
· Street-Walking in SMA is Not Easy
        by Joseph Toone
The musician felt his music would be carried by the angels to his ill wife and make her well again.
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january / enero 2017

· Doors of Perception
        by Gaia Schilke
pictorial, cut & paste paper collage
· Las Calles De San Miguel: Identidad y Memoria
        por Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
“En las calles y en los muros, el pueblo hace y escribe la historia de su ciudad.”
· Happy New Year: a brief memoir
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher Lokkal
The strangest thing was not understanding what had happened, why I had fallen...
· A Serendipitous Odyssey in El Campo
        by Kathleen Bennett
This journey... transported me into a place of traditions and rituals from 100s of years in the past.
· Sombreros and Fiestas of San Miguel: pictorial, part 1
        by Dr. Cynthia Miller
The intricacy of the design and the perfection of the execution are astonishing.
· The Good Eye: the elegance of space
        by Linda Laino
...trusting the process and paying attention to the unexpected gifts given.
SEEK Photography Workshop: January 22-27
· Collecting Miracles in Art: retablos
        by Joseph Toone
What do Nelson Rockefeller, Madonna, Frida, Diego and countless others have artistically in common?
· Urban Sketchers of SMA: Fabrica Art Walk
...with front-row seats to the exciting performances by lively musical trios.
· The Anti-Trump Gringos
        by Duke Miller
They’ve heard gringo tyrants before and they know what they sound like.
· Keith Miller's Sketchbooks at New Britain Museum of American Art
        by Janell Meador
Travel Journals tend to be a private thing, something like talking to myself...
· The Weight of Light: Corporeality and revelation in the work of Raé Miller
        by Viridiana Gutiérrez Tejeda
The spirit is released from the body, with light as its guide.
· El Peso de la Luz: Corporalidad y revelación en la obra de Raé Miller
        por Viridiana Gutiérrez Tejeda
“La luz misma es convertirse en la revelación”
· The Most Popular Pilgrimage Site in the Western Hemisphere
        by Joseph Toone
The dress makes the woman.
· A visit to SMA, Guanajuato and Dolores Hidalgo
        by David Hutchinson
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december / diciembre 2016

· San Miguel's Agatha Christie Lunches with Don Day
        by Glenn Griffin
"Even at sixty-three years old he can still handle most things coming at him with no shortness of breath or of eagerness."
· Art of Radical Gratitude
        By Dr Cynthia Miller
...radical gratitude is based on quantum physics... and 30 years of clinical practice.
· San Miguel of the Fountains
        by Joseph Toone
They provided, of course, the water the town was founded around, but were also locations to gossip.
· Married to Each Other and Their Art: Deborah and Chip Dupont
        by Brenda Sexton
Van Gogh... never sold a piece of his work. From the beginning I was determined not to be him.
· Urban Sketchers of San Miguel de Allende: Via Organica's Rural Mercado
...we had a lovely afternoon sketching the sights, food and people of the colorful mercado.
· El Camino de Las Nubes: relato de una excursión a Los Picachos
        por Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
“Quien ha escuchado alguna vez la voz de las montañas, nunca la podrá olvidar”
· Cultural Sensitivity
        by Joseph Toone
...waving giant images of the president-elect with arrows through his head. I was and am mortified on many levels.
· Mr. Acapulco
        by Lou Christine
He was hell-bent on making Acapulco a place that would be a spectacular gem second to none.
· St Nick's Nudes
        by Joseph Toone
it did make me ponder why there were only boys, and just where were their clothes.
· Armonías en Oposición: Lena Bartula & Alberto Lenz - exposición
        por Viridiana Gutiérrez
Lena y Alberto se convierten en testigos y militantes a través del lenguaje visual...
apertura viernes 16 de diciembre
· Opposing Harmonies: Lena Bartula & Alberto Lenz - exhibition
        Viridiana Gutiérrez
Bartula and Lenz become witnesses and militants through visual language...
opening Friday, Dec. 16
· The Maestras: San Miguel de Allende’s Culinary Pioneers
        Susan York
Despite all the obstacles, these women are a tough but gentle sisterhood, each having her own brand of confidence...
· We Know You Are Out There
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november / noviembre 2016

· José Guadalupe Posada creador de la catrina
        por Veniste José
rica o pobre toda la gente acaba siendo calavera
· Day of the Dead
        by Dr David and Veronica Genta
· San Miguel's Headless Horseman
        by Kathleen Bennett
the headless horseman was the same wealthy businessman who had been so cruel to his slaves and workers
· Virtuosity in Various Forms: Doug Robinson
        by Brenda Sexton
After we sold a million CD’s this way, we decided to retire.
· Pedaling Through San Miguel: photoessay
        Mark Bender
Judging by the amount of their road-dust-covered cargo they were no day-trippers.
· Behind Ignacio Allende's Revolution: a teacher's influence
        Kathleen Bennet
most of these young, passionate men soon gave their lives... before firing squads
· Two Views of Day of the Dead: pictorial
        Kat Kosiancic
1. Fabrica Art Walk
· Two Views of Day of the Dead: pictorial
        Kat Kosiancic
2. Jardin
· San Miguel de Leyendas
        Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
Sus casonas, muros, calles y callejones nos hablan de su pasado legendario.
· Transforming Fireworks
        Dr. Cynthia Miller
Every American is part of the bomb and war culture, it is encoded in our body.
· A Day Inside a Mojiganga
        Joseph Toone
When the conversation got heated the police threatened to arrest the group.
· Music Director of NYChoral Encores in SMA: Jack Goodwin
        Brenda Sexton
during the performance, great conductors know when to get out of the way
· Anado's Art Opening Extravaganza: pictorial
        Kat Kosiancic
I Begin Again...a visual manifesto
· Tunnels Under San Miguel
        Joseph Toone
...whose mother knocked down a kitchen wall... only to uncover the tombs of two long ago residents.
· San Miguel's Agatha Christie Lunches with Don Day
        Glen Griffin
" 63...he can still handle most things coming at him with no shortness of breath or of eagerness."
· We Know You Are Out There
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october / octubre 2016

· Consummate Consul, Ed Clancy: helping people was in the cards
        Brenda Sexton
I would have played cards 7 days a week, but the card parlors were closed on Sundays.
· Tesoros vivientes
        Grissel López
...recibieron al cónsul de Japón en León, Yasuhisa Suzuki y a su esposa.
· Valley of the Dolls
        Joseph Toone
... he moved with the agility of a comatose sloth, and everything I did embarrassed him.
· Inside the Bodies of Cindi Olsman: mojiganga artist’s unique view
        Brenda Sexton
...they evoke fear on their shadow side and are powerful heroes who protect us.
· El Legado de Stirling Dickinson en San Miguel
        Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
‘¡Dios mío qué vista! ¡Qué lugar!’ Y en ese momento me dije a mí mismo: ‘Aquí me voy a quedar.’
· Whatever Floats Your Boat: cultural tides
        Joseph Toone
Here, if you fall into a hole in the sidewalk and disappear into Middle Earth, that’s your own fault.
· The Legacy of Stirling Dickinson in San Miguel
        Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
‘My God, what a sight! What a place!' I said to myself at that moment, ‘I’m going to stay here.'
· Los cinco de la esquina
        Grissel López
Nosotros somos jugueteros.
· Why Don't Mexicans Tip?: The Art of Service
        Eleanor Stevens
They’re constantly asking for something: 'I need a glass, and some ice, and more limón, and some napkins, and…’
· Niñají Comics (parts 1, 2, 3, 4)
        Alfonso López de Anda and Isis Rodríguez
Humorous, thoughtful art to comment on social issues and the empowerment of women.
· Las Historietas de Niñají (1a, 2a, 3a, 4a partes)
        Alfonso López de Anda and Isis Rodríguez
Comentarios humorísticos y pensativos sobre temas sociales, en especial el empoderamiento de la mujer.
· Secrets of Master Weaver Jacobo Mendoza: slow dye
        Barbara Erickson
blood red, hot pink, blue jean blue, buttery yellow, black as dark as a sharpie marker line, brown as soft as soft can feel
· The Prehispanic Roots of Dia de los Muertos: taste and see
        Veniste José
his open jaws are represented as receiving and devouring the stars during the day
· Las Raíces Prehispanicas del día de los Muertos: saber y sabor
        Veniste José
Se representaba mandibulas abiertas recibiendo y devorando los astros durante el día
· We Know You Are Out There
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september / septiembre 2016

· Iconoclastic Iconographer: straddling creativity & blasphemy
        Patrick Timothy Mullikin, editor
… if you saw Jesus in a kilt, with a cowboy hat on, you might say, ‘Who is that?’ But if he is always in red and blue … you’ll always know that’s Jesus.
· Ignacio Allende: el héroe olvidado
        Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
Pero ellos fueron personas como todos, que sufrieron, amaron, temieron, se divirtieron, respiraron…
· Moringa: tiny leaf, huge benefits
        Miquette Dobros
No wonder it is nicknamed the “Tree of Life” or “Miracle Plant.”
· New Yorker Cartoonist Victoria Roberts: write at home in SMA
        Brenda Sexton
When you hit a vein that is recognizable, that is funny. I’m just reframing what is. It’s truth that is funny.
· Out of the Box, In the Box
        Mitch Ditkoff
If only we could pay as much attention to the living as we do to the dying.
· Native Corn: healing the body, the spirit and our community
        Eleanor Stevens and Florencio López Ojeda
According to the indigenous Mexican worldview, food should not only nourish but also heal.
· Gabriela Mistral & Pablo Neruda’s visit to SMA
        Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
Perhaps somewhere in town a plaque should be placed to commemorate the visit of the two [Nobel laureate] poets.
· Maíz nativo: un remedio para el cuerpo, el espíritu y la comunidad.
        Eleanor Stevens y Florencio López Ojeda
Mayor también serán las posibilidades de supervivencia para las comunidades que lo producen.
· "Mommy’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe": clarifying some misconceptions
        Joseph Toone
. . . it’s not Mary’s pregnancy with Jesus that is the Immaculate Conception.
· Bobby Kapp Finds the Flow: avant-garde musician, martial artist
        Cati Demme
Some kind of swing should be in everything we do.
· From The Editor: fretting over the ukulele
        Patrick Timothy Mullikin, editor
…ukulele players tend to fidget and/or clear their throats nervously, a little embarrassed, when talking about their instrument of choice.
· Niñají Comics (parts 1, 2, 3, 4)
        Alfonso López de Anda and Isis Rodríguez
Humorous, thoughtful art to comment on social issues and the empowerment of women.
· Las Historietas de Niñají (1a, 2a, 3a, 4a partes)
        Alfonso López de Anda and Isis Rodríguez
Comentarios humorísticos y pensativos sobre temas sociales, en especial el empoderamiento de la mujer.
· We Know You Are Out There
Does the idea of having your articles and photographs viewed worldwide by thousands of viewers each month interest you?
august / agosto 2016

· A Border Story
        Dorte Grenaa
13 times have I been over the border... arrested 4 times on the way and sent back. Finally, they said they had my fingerprints and photo so I mustn't come again.
· From Trail Blazing on Wall Street to Trail Riding in SMA
        Brenda Sexton
My career on Wall Street was all about developing relationships and trust in business. I use all those same skills here in the country.
· San Miguel Institute of Bel Canto Opens
        Alexis White
...when the singer's voice, body, breath, dramatic intention and musicality function together in harmony and freedom, real artistry can be achieved.
· Inside the Fourth Wall: Microteatro
        Rebecca Hartmann
...writers and actors who had heard of each other but never met… come together at this theater and have been delighted with the talent they encounter.
· Hemp Seeds: cannabis with health benefits, but, alas, no buzz
        Miquette Dobros
...because of its unique nutritional profile, it is now referred to as a superfood that provides many health benefits.
· Cowgirl Jean Gerber: without reservations
        Brenda Sexton
...we packed, drove straight into El Centro, and never looked back... we never really did have a 'plan B.'
· Mothers and Sons: telenova relationships
        Joseph Toone
...whether you are a helicopter parent or... a slow-moving ceiling fan... you simply need to have faith.
· From The Editor: Shall we dance?
        Patrick Timothy Mullikin, editor
My attempts to duplicate John Travolta’s “Saturday Night Fever” moves looked more like R. Crumb’s Keep on Truckin’ character...
· Gabriela Mistral y Pablo Neruda en San Miguel.
        Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
Entre los años de 1941 y 1942 dos visitantes muy especiales pasaron por nuestro pueblo.
· Jesus, Mary and Joseph Toone
        Patrick Timothy Mullikin, editor
"There are fireworks that scare my dog." Sure they do, but do you know why there are fireworks? It’s not about your dog.
· Falling in Love with Mexican Cuisine: inherited or acquired taste?
        Eleanor Stevens
A Conversation with Chef Alfonso López de Anda
· ¿El gusto por la comida mexicana se hereda o se adquiere?
        Eleanor Stevens
Una conversación con el chef Alfonso López de Anda
· Niñají Comics (parts 1, 2, 3)
        Alfonso López de Anda and Isis Rodríguez
Humorous, thoughtful art to comment on social issues and the empowerment of women.
· Las Historietas de Niñají (1a, 2a, 3a partes)
        Alfonso López de Anda and Isis Rodríguez
Comentarios humorísticos y pensativos sobre temas sociales, en especial el empoderamiento de la mujer.
· Happy Birthday to Us
        Dr David, publisher
You are the best present of all.
· We Know You Are Out There
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july / julio 2016

· Female Chefs: 34 women who have leveled SMA's culinary playing field
        Susan York
For years, women have done remarkable things in the Mexican kitchen. What makes these women special is... incredible drive and supportive mentors...
· Capturing Life, Culture and Architecture of SMA: Neal Smith-Willow
        Karen Sweetland
My muse resides in my mind’s eye—she is a tall, slender woman with long red hair who wears a long flowing white robe.
· The Woman on the 200 Peso Bill: Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
        Joseph Toone
Her writings enhanced the spiritual profile of the saints, an important aspect of Mexican faith to this day.
· La Magia del Agua y San Miguel de Allende
        Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
Una antigua leyenda local dice que quien bebe agua del manantial del Chorro, regresa a San Miguel.
· At Home on the Range: Meagan Burns, former vegan, finds happiness as cattle rancher
        Brenda Sexton
I am covered head to toe in tallow right now, which is why dogs keep coming up and licking me.
· Traveling Minstrel Comes to Rest in SMA: Musician, songwriter Jason Robert Blum
        Woody Price
I am really digging meeting the musicians in this town and hope some of the magic rubs off on me.
· A Man of Few Words: SMA author pares lengthy tome down to fighting weight
        Mitch Ditkoff
Michelangelo... explained... his process for sculpting his iconic David. “I simply took away everything that wasn’t.”
· Chocolate: Super food, super health benefits
        Miquette Dobros
It enhances your libido, releasing the same brain chemical realized when you experience a deep feeling of love.
· One Crazy Day: Dia de Los Locos through the eyes of Donald Trump
        Patrick Timothy Mullikin, editor
The jeers are good-natured, considering Trump’s abysmal track record with Mexico and Mexicans.
· Time is on Their Side
Mexico is a wake-up call for people who pride themselves on being on time.
· Fabrica la Aurora Art Walk
        Brenda Sexton
Despite a very hectic weekend with festivals and Fourth of July events, a vibrant crowd still turned out for a beautiful evening.
· Niñají Comics (parts 1 & 2)
        Alfonso López de Anda and Isis Rodríguez
Humorous, thoughtful art to comment on social issues and the empowerment of women.
· Las Historietas de Niñají (1a, 2a partes)
        Alfonso López de Anda and Isis Rodríguez
Comentarios humorísticos y pensativos sobre temas sociales, en especial el empoderamiento de la mujer.
· Under the Spreading PC Radar: How many roads must a person walk down?
        Patrick Timothy Mullikin, editor
In our efforts not to offend anyone, everyone is walking on eggshells and speaking euphemistically.
· Buscamos Artículos en Español
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june / junio 2016

· Talking Tattoo: for body artist Rodolfo Calva beauty is truly skin deep
        Patrick Timothy Mullikin, editor
“When I was young my dad told me, ‘Anything but a tattoo. You’ll never get a job. That’s for convicts and prostitutes.’”
· Cooking: the Art of Feeling: Interview with Chef Alfonso López de Anda
        Eleanor Stevens
I feel that the smells, the colors, and the sensations are bringing me closer to my ancestors.
· Cocina: el arte de sentir: una entrevista con el chef Alfonso López de Anda
        Eleanor Stevens
Nada cura mi hambre, como la comida amorosa de mi madre.
· Fabrica la Aurora Art Walk - pictorial
        Brenda Sexton
free ice cream provided by new purveyor Jorge Garay, whose family has owned Fabrica Aurora since the 1930s
· Kentucky Derby Day - SMA
        Brenda Sexton
The mint juleps and Derby hats were sensational. My horse didn’t win, but with all the festivities who could have a bad time?
· That Bird Has Flown: advice for visitors
‘Maybe’ is probably ‘no’ and ‘yes’ is ‘maybe.’ Mexicans will not, as a general rule, say ‘no.’ If that drives you nuts, don’t come.
· Standing in the Back of the Bus
        Mitch Ditkoff
I take a step to the side... indicate she should pass... her eyes opening wider, the many laugh lines around her dark eyes deepening.
· John the Baptist’s Hair-Raising Tale
        Joseph Toone
Even after he was beheaded by Salome, John the Baptist always is shown with shampoo-ad worthy long hair.
· In My Father’s Slippered Footsteps
        Patrick Timothy Mullikin, Editor
My father... was a devout slipper man - both inside the house and, to my mother’s horror, also in public places.
· El Vergel Bistro Opening
        Brenda Sexton
The opening of El Vergel Bistro was a scrumptious feast of hors d’oeuvres, wine, cheese, fresh-fruit cocktails, with live music.
· The Studio Visit
        Alan Goldfarb
I had never experienced anything like this. It was a truly egalitarian social collective. The more authority that you had, the more you dirtied your hands.
· Kirsten West, the Queen of Salsa and ‘Stone’ Soup
        Brenda Sexton favorite foods are from the street trucks and from the vendors in the Tuesday Market. I’m not into foam, smoke, schmears and designer food.
· Meet Sally Azar, Doce 18’s Creator
        Brenda Sexton
Everyone in the world now knows about San Miguel. It’s where art, culture, gastronomy and hospitality meet. It has become a world city.
· Chia: The tiny seed that packs a wallop
        Miquette Dobros
Although they’ve had continuous use in native areas, it is only recently that chia seeds have been rediscovered and become recognized as a modern-day superfood.
· Niñají Comics (part 1)
        Alfonso López de Anda and Isis Rodríguez
Humorous, thoughtful art to comment on social issues and the empowerment of women
· Las historietas de Niñají (1a parte)
        Alfonso López de Anda and Isis Rodríguez
Comentarios humorísticos y pensativos sobre temas sociales, en especial el empoderamiento de la mujer
· Bewitched by Movies, made in SMA
        Daniel Romero
“Bewitched” chronicles the ups and downs of a young woman who roams between dreams and nightmares, faith of her beliefs, and... of liberal sentiments.
· Hechizados por el cine, hecho en SMA
        Daniel Romero
El grupo sanmiguelense contó con el equipo indispensable y la intuición para resolver las situaciones más complicadas...
· Buscamos artículos en español
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may / mayo 2016

· This Lady Is Zensational
        Brenda Sexton
Meet the most powerful and provocative voice in San Miguel, Lady Zen."I want to change the way people see a queer woman in Mexico. I want to be Mexico’s next Frida Kahlo."
· A Small Bag of Red Berries
        Mitch Ditkoff
She held my gaze for a long time. Like a flower. Like the way a baby, unblinking, looks at a stranger.
· African Dance for Moms and Babies
        Patrick Timothy Mullikin, Editor
For Soledad Saburido Alvarez, life is a dance. African music is the world’s original music. With a beat similar to the human heartbeat, it’s very primitive, as is the dancing.
· Celebrando la Alegria de los Ninos
        Dayana Paz
Compartir la vida con un niño es un motivo de aventura y de celebración constante. Nuestros mejores recuerdos vienen de esa época de nuestra vida, cuando éramos niños.
· Sotol: A Spirit from the North
        Rebecca Hartmann
Drinking spirits can be about enjoying the aromas, the tasting notes and the flavors that linger on your tongue.
· The Glitz, The Glam, The Big Opening: Buzz SMA
        Brenda Sexton
Finally, after months of buzz and anticipation, the very glamorous and luxurious Doce 18 has opened. It is architecturally magnificent—an exciting shopping-and-dining emporium.
· Van Doren Metal Art Workshop
        Liz Blair
For father and son metal sculptors, every job’s a job weld-done. Their tools might be considered “old school” because they are not computerized and are meant to make only one product at a time.
· Invest In Your Health With Juices and Smoothies
        Miquette Dobros
Juice moves right through your stomach to your small intestine where the nutrients are absorbed and delivered into your bloodstream.
· May Day 2010
        Judith Gille
A people united can never be defeated. If only we Americans could ever truly achieve the united part.
· ECOlogic: organic landscaping business takes root
        Patrick Timothy Mullikin, Editor
We see landscapes as not just yards or patios but as living ecosystems and natural sanctuaries that connect us to nature through our daily interactions.
· Flowering Jacaranda Trees, SMA - video
        Horace Whittlesey
The first time someone sees a jacaranda tree in bloom they may think they’ve spied something out of a fairy tale.
· Talent’s Fine Line
        Patrick Timothy Mullikin, Editor
If (when painting a portrait) you finish the eye too soon it will keep staring at you and prevent you from completing the rest of the picture.
· Editorial Policy, writers wanted
Does the idea of having your articles and photographs viewed worldwide by thousands of viewers each month interest you?
april / abril 2016

· SMA's Bordello, La Casa de la Turca
      Al Tirado, Barbara Edell Pool, Rubén Morales

· Harold Dean James: poet, playwright, performer, publican
      Patrick Timothy Mullikin, Editor

· The Reincarnation of Chico

· Beneficiate Respirando
      Dayana Paz

· King Neptune
      Alan Goldfarb

· Paintings as Archetypal Symbols in Jung’s Red Book
      Rebecca L. Peterson, MA

· Spirulina, Aztec Super-food
      Katie Kohlstedt

· That Old Doppelgänger Of Mine
      Patrick Timothy Mullikin, Editor

· Writers: We want you!
      Patrick Timothy Mullikin, Editor

· Editorial Policy


The fountain at Cardo
march / marzo 2016

· Pressing Matters, Squeezing Pleasure & Profit from Olives
      Patrick Timothy Mullikin, Editor

· Spring is in the Air
      Lou Christine

· Matando Toros
      Al Tirado

· The Mexican Stories; an excerpt, fiction in-progress
      Edward Swift

· Horse Sense, Therapist Helps Horses, Hounds and Humans
      Patrick Timothy Mullikin, Editor

· Dos Aves Micro-brews Mega-popular Beers
      Rebecca Hartmann

· History of Open Mic, interview with Phil Roger
      Aphrodite Sanchez

· Hurrying to Make a Tight Connection
      Alan Goldfarb

· From The Editor: Who got the last laugh?
      Patrick Timothy Mullikin

· The Perfume of Life, a review
      Dr David, Publisher Lokkal

· Editorial Policy


february / febrero 2016

· Oscar Torres, as Real as it Gets
      Christine Maynard

· Wizard of Worms, Steve Frandsen Waxes Eloquent
      Patrick Timothy Mullikin, editor

· Picture book perfect, award-winning Duncan Tonatiuh
      Patrick Timothy Mullikin, editor

· Amantes de la Luna
      por Dayana Paz

· Cat(rina) in the Hat, Jayne Halle: hats, heads, mental health
      Patrick Timothy Mullikin, editor

· Questions for Ignacio Allende
      Kathleen Bennett

· Leon
      Alan Goldfarb

· Origins and Roots: the Art of Polly Stark Ortega
      Linda Laino

· Five Openings at Bellas Artes

· Out of the Caves
      Terra Mizwa

· Tapping Nature's Rhythms: Winter Cleansing
      Alicia Rutherford

· From the Editor: Photographers exposed
      Patrick Timothy Mullikin

· Editorial Policy


painting detail by Joy Wade
january / enero 2016

· Discovering San Miguel's Secrets, virtual tour
      Kathleen Bennett

· Woody Price: guitarrista
      Patrick Timothy Mullikin, editor

· Fireflies
      Alan Goldfarb

· Renovacion de los Ciclos Año Nuevo
      Dayana Paz

· Somos Semilla: Una Biblioteca Comunitaria de Semillas
      Soledad Saburido Álvarez

· Sae Otomo: Japanese Multimedia Artist
      Patrick Timothy Mullikin, editor

· Andrew Osta

· Edward Swift
      Art and Artist

· Kathleen Cammarata
      Art and Artist

· Béa Aaronson
      Art and Artist

· Susan Dorf
      Art and Artist

· Masters of Design, part 1
      by Martin Rosenberg, PhD

· Patrick Mullikin
      New Editor for Lokkal Magazine

· Happy New Year / Feliz Año Nuevo
      from San Miguel Events and Lokkal Magazine

photo: David Ziff
december / diciembre 2015

· Incident in Monclova
      Alan Goldfarb

· Interview with Artist Phil Roger
      Aphrodite Sanchez

· The Winter Goddess: Darkness & Interpenetrating Light
      Rebecca Peterson

· Otra economía es posible
      Miguel Angel López

· Reflections on the Day of the Dead
      Lou Christine

· Anecdotario: Casilda sobre el arroyo
      Grissel López

· Joy J. Wade
      Art & Artist

· Ezshwan Winding
      Art & Artist

· Linda Laino
      Art & Artist

· Shannon Reece
      Art & Artist

· Beatriz Castañeda
      Arte y Artista

· Jessica Antonelli
      Art & Artist


photo: David Ziff
november / noviembre 2015

· La Calaca Festival (Oct 30-Nov 2)

· Award-Winning Oaxaca Weaver (Oct 30-31)
      Barbara Erickson

· Entrevista a José Luis Mendoza Aubert
      Grissel López

· The Life and Times of Luis Gasca
      Christine Maynard

· Klaudia Oliver, President of La Calaca Festival
      Barbara Erickson

· José Guadalupe Posada creador de la catrina
      Veniste José

· Celebración de Muertos
      Dayana Paz

· Dia de los Muertos
      Mittie Roger, Sean Reagan

· Instituto's Arts & Crafts Fair, a History (Oct 31-Nov 1)
      Lou Christine

· Irrational Aroma Therapy / Aroma Terapia Irracional
      Eva Luz Soriano-Richards, PhD

· Los colores de la muerte
      Grissel López

· An Artist Finds a New Life
      Alan Goldfarb

· Catching Water from the Clouds: rainwater systems
      Cameron Plese

· Curative Education: Children with Special Needs
      Veronica Gabucio


photos: José Ángel Vudoyra
october / octubre 2015

· Llegar / Arrival
      Grissel López

· La Alborada, 2 articles
      Mittie Roger, Sean Reagan; Joseph Toone

· Dos Búhos Vineyard
      Rebecca Hartmann

· San Miguel Music Video 25 years ago
      Bobby Kapp, Willie Royal

· San Miguel Writers: Diverse and Notorious
      Lou Christine

· How I Became an Artist
      Michael Pedziwiatr

· Andrew Osta: 10 Years/Años Retrospectiva
      exhibición individual exhibition

· ‘Last Dance’ Premiers in San Miguel
      Liza Keogh

· Jung's Red Book as a Shamanic Journey
      Rebecca L. Peterson, MA

· Adjust to Autumn in SMA: Ayurveda
      Gurusimran Khalsa

· The Hyperbaric Chamber's Key Benefits
      Christine Maynard

Photos by Horace Whittlesey, San Miguel resident the past six years, passionate of people, music and beauty.
september / septiembre 2015

· Icon of SMA: the Real Evita Avery
      Christine Maynard

· Biciclo- 2500 miles for $25,000, Amistad

· The Allure of Orchids
      by Christine Maynard

· Murmuration of Cowbirds, Romance for Cello
      video- Robert Heald, music- Michael Hoppé

· Rock paintings in Arroyo Seco, Victoria, Guanajuato
      by Christine Maynard



· Toyán Vineyards
      Rebecca Hartmann


· The Power of Play
      Joseph Bennet


· Unlock the Real Potential of Vegetables /
      Libera el Potencial Real de los Vegetales

      Kaare Melby


· Years Become Moments, Moments Become A Lifetime
      Robert (Rusty) Russell

Jungian Corner

· Shadow is Cast from Light
      Rebecca Peterson


· Critters that Come Out in the Night: Tales from SMA
      Lou Christine
august / agosto 2015

· The Power of Public Art: Mexico and Poland /
      El Poder del Arte Público: México y Polonia

      Martin Rosenberg, Ph.D.

· Poetry for San Miguel de Allende
      Judyth Hill

· Vineyards of San Miguel de Allende
      Rebecca Hartmann

· Impromptu moments: Stirling Dickinson comes to SMA
      Lou Christine

· Pulque the Quintessential Slow Food of Mexico /
      El Pulque es la Comida Lenta por Excelencia

      Griffin Klement

· Sacred Tactics - Profane Strategies /
      Tacticas Sagradas - Estrategias Profanas

      danza Butoh dance Marines Cardoso

· The History of the Cañada de la Virgen Pyramid
      Christine Maynard

· Joseph Dispenza- Mogul and Monk, in memoriam
      interview by Dr David

· Minka: Rembering a Japanese Farmhouse from SMA

· Chile en Nogada
      Chef Gaby Green

· The Game of Art Market: auctions /
      El juego del mercado del arte: las subastas

      M. A. Viridiana Gutiérrez Tejeda

· Hanka’s Secret Closet: a true story
      Béa Aaronson

· International Festival of Music SMA, chamber music
      article/videos, Fredric Dannen

· Festival Internacional de Música SMA, mú de cámara
      articluo/videos, Fredric Dannen

· The Psyche's Mystery and Wisdom, Jung's Red Book
      Rebecca Peterson, M.A.

· Opening at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray

· SMA Art Teacher Joseph Bennett
      video interview by Jessica Antonelli

· Idolo- Mexican Boxing Champ Marco Antonio Rubio
      Christine Maynard

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