Joy Wade
Joy J. Wade

The painting called Puzzle Women evolved in a unique way. First of all, because I paint on the floor, as Jackson Pollack did, painting is for me a very physical experience which allows me to move around the canvas and fold it, splash it with paint and generally dance with the emerging images. Being a dancer all my life lends itself to this process, giving my work a vitality and movement, which for me is the dance of colour and shapes.

Puzzle Women is a large canvas, at 61 inches by 38 inches, so as each part of the women revealed themselves to me from the colours, my task was to see how they were connected and let their story be told. They are very much individuals, vibrant different colours, yet they are totally connected, like great friends, who know one another’s secrets and dreams, who support one another… always. Life can be puzzling, however when someone really knows you, it can be easier to fit the pieces together. Thank you.


Joy Wade’s vibrant artwork is in many private and public collections worldwide, a few of which include London and the US, Australia and Mexico. However, Joy is not only a visual artist, her work includes performance art, photographic collaborations, and sculpture, combined with an innovative system of psycho-therapy practiced for over 20 years.

In describing her work, Joy states, ”My process is to be open to what the colours and passion have to say. It is an exciting conversation, full of surprises. Having lived all over the world there is a wealth of influences I have absorbed along the way, these are always part of this journey of self-expression, which is a pleasure to share.”

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