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Sombreros and Fiestas of San Miguel
Sombreros and Fiestas of San Miguel
part 1

By Dr. Cynthia Miller

Parades and dancers are an integral part of celebrations in San Miguel. For the past seven years I’ve been photographing the dancers. In this first part of a series of articles on the Sombreros and Fiestas of San Miguel I’ve gathered together a few of my favorite photos of the beadwork.

When I see these intricate beadwork costumes I always think of the women who work behind the scenes creating these magnificent sacred garments. How many hours, perhaps hundreds, went into each of these garments and headdresses? If you have ever sewn tiny beads you know it is a tedious exacting process. The intricacy of the design and the perfection of the execution are astonishing.

From what I’ve noticed these particular elaborate costumes are all worn by men. Their body movements display respect and honor for their robes and what they represent.

Different types of beadwork and fuzzy fabrics add to the spectacular array of headgear worn by the dancers in San Miguel.

WAtch for the next in Dr Cynthia’s series of articles on “Sombreros and Fiestas of San Miguel” to see photos of magnificent feathers, skulls, animal skins, and more.


Dr. Cynthia Miller is a Lifestyle and Business Makeover Coach. She loves helping people reinvent their lives and businesses to integrate their unique gifts and talents to create positive change in the world.

Dr Cynthia is also the author of The Art of Radical Gratitude and Rewire for Luscious Wealth. Her award winning photography appeared on the cover of Arts Perspective Magazine.

San Miguel has been her home since 2009. Everyday, walking down the street, she is filled with the joy and delight of the colors, beauty and wonderful people of this magical historic town.

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